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Metaverse – Part Two: Meta Music Academy

Given the power and potential of the metaverse, what does that mean for me as a music educator?

I want to establish a music school. Let us call it “MMA” which stands for Meta Music Academy. MMA is where students get to choose the gene of music they want to study and this would include:

School of Classical music

School of Rock

School of Jazz

School of Alternative music

School of Digital production

School of Composition and Inspiration


In my metaverse school, music teachers and music icons would have their own avatars to interact with students. As part of the music curriculum, students will be assessed on a regular basis. Those who attain a certain grade will be given a NFT certificate to certify their achievement and work. While the students study at the school in the metaverse, they can also practise or jam with other students as much as they want.


MMA Music Curriculum

Students will learn everything from basic music knowledge and  music theory to music history. However, unlike traditional schools, students at MMA will be taught by legends such as Mozart and Beethoven. These historical figures will talk about how and why they composed their music and how they were inspired by life experiences or particular events. This kind of new teaching will  add more depth and insights to the process of learning and understanding music. Most students do not have actual knowledge on how these masters composed their famous works. In the metaverse, where interaction is allowed, students could literally learn from the best. This would help them become better musicians and would also be a lot of fun.


Celebrity musicians will be invited to share their experiences and stories with students via special workshops. Students will get a chance to jam with these celebrities, gaining invaluable experience. Hopefully, these experiences will inspire and help students with both their creativity and their technical skills.


Our Academy will also host a variety of concerts welcoming audiences  from around the world to join in on the musical experience.


MMA – Assessment

Each student may choose to go through an assessment that would be similar to the AMRSM (Associated Board Royal School of Music) examination. This certification and assessment will give students a formal recognition and validation in their respective studies.


Certificates will be issued in NFT format once students have earned their accreditation from the academy. Their exam performances will be encrypted into the NFT as well.

Practise, practise, practise!

Students nowadays face more and more distractions from their studies, but practise remains as essential as ever to a music student’s success. But can you think of a better way to practice music than by the avatar of a real life music master show showing you proper technique? Not only will students learn from avatars in real time, but these avatars would also help students find who and what to listen to.

Many parents make the mistake of showing popular YouTube clips to their children without knowing whether the performers are genuinely good at their craft. Often, these YouTubers merely look  good and do not have the actual skills to really perform. As a music teacher, I clearly would say it is wrong to show the children random YouTube videos without vetting the performances. Fortunately, this can be done with AI that picks and chooses the best performance on the Internet.

In my metaverse music school, the composers or songwriters will show students on how to play and perform the music to a high standard.

There will be regular “Riff-off”  sessions between students and teachers

Technical Support

Many musicians and composers already use technology for creating music, and with the help of VR technicians, students will be able to help with any computer problems.


Recording Studio

There will be different recording studios for different purposes, similar to the Village Studios in Los Angeles, California.  Each recording studio will have its own theme, backdrops, and equipment for different types of ensembles.


Career Development

Musicians, composers and audio engineers trained by and graduated from the academy will be given a chance to participate in the career development program e.g. connecting them with the metaverse concert promoters, music production companies for career placement.

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