Miniwalla The Forest Story

Miniwalla the forest story was judged top 5 apps by the educational app store in the united kingdom. it was also judged as the top 5 apps at the app growth awards for best app store listing in germany.


The ocean musical

Henry, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary love for everything related to the sea. His whole life changes when the Sea Fairy turns him into a dolphin and sends him on a mysterious mission.


The Musical Rescue

Heroine Xiao Rui ,a young girl who lives on Gulangyu,discovers that her Island is in danger and in learning to save her home.She also learned how to save whole world from global warming.


The Rainforest Story

In Kenya, Africa, a logging company owner’s terminally ill son finds unlikely friends in two local children who join him on the quest of a lifetime.

Green warrior

Help to save our planet earth now. Green Warriors is a fun interactive game to challenge your skills as objects fall down from the sky. Learn to sort through plastics, aluminums , glass and paper and place them in the right bins as you race against the time from greenhouse effect. Improve your performance with turbo engine and shields. Everyone can help to save the planet and combat climate change. Have fun !

About Happy Diamond

Shirley Choi is the founder of Happy Diamond Music Studio Limited. Based in Hong Kong and Malibu California, Happy Diamond Music Studio is a multimedia company specializing in creating educational stories for young children. Using music and lyrics to bring meaningful stories to life, Happy Diamond Music Studios seeks to educate children through engaging stories about the nature and our threatened environment, from facts about ecosystems to concepts of conservation.

As an educational resource for teachers and parents, each Happy Diamond project includes complete sheet music and lyrics. Children can sing along and learn at home or at school. Each story we create seeks to educate children as well as to promote fundamental concepts of friendship, courage, faith, and love. At Happy Diamond Music Studios, we believe that youth entertainment should be both fun and educational. What better way to entertain and teach kids than through the power of music?!


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