What does it take to be a KOL in the digital world?

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Many people have talked about how technology and the internet have changed the world for the better, from online shopping to music streaming. The latest development milestone is 5G technology, which would enable us to download a full-length movie in just a few quick seconds. Uploading movies and editing audio/video clippings have now become common skills among young people. A survey conducted by a technology company showed that over 30% of youngsters aged between 8 and 15 see themselves being a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) as a lifetime career. This mind-blowing figure is testimony to how rapidly our world has evolved within just a decade.

What does it take to be a successful KOL in the digital world? Let us take a look at some key success factors.

1 Quality

There are no magic shortcuts and no free lunches. The key to success depends on the quality of production, be it singing, audio, video, or any kind of performance. Anyone can call themselves singers or filmmakers if they know how to use a smartphone. However, digital audiences are not going to be intrigued if your content does not stand out from among the millions and millions of clips available to them on the internet.

2 Listen to, and connect with, your audience

Learn to accept constructive opinions and shrug off negative comments without taking anything too personally. Yes, there are many “bullies” out there but don’t let them crush your spirit. Screening out the bullies and concentrating on constructive suggestions can help to build your KOL presence. The world is packed with talented people full of great ideas; successful KOLs are willing to continuously learn, evolve with the ever-changing world, and stay relevant.

3 Be consistent and persistent

Being a KOL is hard work. There is no easy shortcut. Failing to create new content or not posting regularly can hurt your chances and make your followers lose interest. Consistent visibility is key. If you are serious about building a career as a KOL, laziness and procrastination are things to say goodbye to.

4 Creativity and passion

A good product does not guarantee success. A smart KOL will build their presence steadily through time and hard work. It does not take a lot of money to build a home studio or invest in quality equipment. But your most priceless asset as a KOL is a creative mind – that’s the only thing that can take you places. Creativity, however, is something that cannot be bought. It’s something you intuitively must have in yourself. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources, especially if you research your interests on the internet. Mozart greatly admired his mentor and fellow composer Haydn, to the extent that he borrowed ideas from the master. The work of many film composers is inspired by Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”, while ideas from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” often underline many epic movie themes. The key is to do your research, be passionate about your craft, and truly engage and connect with your audience. Don’t try to be everything. Pick a speciality that you are genuinely passionate about. Building a brand (that’s you!) means being specific in what you offer, so your audience knows why they come to you in the first place.

5 Building your KOL enterprise

Just like our body organs have to work together in harmony to keep us healthy and robust, a comprehensive online network spanning Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other social platforms, where each complements and works in tandem with the other, is necessary for success as a KOL. A multi-faceted distribution channel can boost your presence across the digital world by leaps and bounds. The stronger your fan base is, the more likely you would be to capitalize on your hard work. It takes years not only to build a fan base but to keep it steady and growing.

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