How to get inspired during the pandemic

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January 24, 2020
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The COVID pandemic has not stopped artists from sharing their ideas and music, or showing care and love, through the digital world. Yes, there may be times when we feel trapped, but the proliferation of human interaction through the internet has given us all the gift of keeping in touch with our loved ones, come what may.

So the question now is: How do we get inspired as songwriters during the lockdown? I am no expert on this subject, but here are some tips that have helped me, and may likewise help you.

  • Following a daily routine

A lockdown does not prohibit us from continuing our routine. There are many activities that, when included on a daily basis, can calm our nerves and bring the clarity that spurs creativity. This includes indulging in exercise or yoga, or honing your instrument-playing skills by practising regularly. 

  • Reading

There is so much to explore on the internet. Reading about the latest trends in your field of interest, or joining an online club where similar-minded people share relevant and interesting information, can help you stay motivated to create art.

  • Setting a goal or two

A goal does not necessarily need to be ambitious – you can set a goal that’s simple. As a musician and composer, I set a goal of discovering 2-3 new artists on the internet every week (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.) to broaden my music horizons and diversify my tastes. Challenging myself to practise some difficult-to-play songs has also proven to be a good way to polish my skills.

  • Cooking

I actually find cooking very soothing and relaxing, which can in turn make our mind more open to noticing and receiving inspiration.

  • Live streaming

This is a great way to keep in touch with your fans and followers. Nowadays, there are plenty of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, that offer live streaming tools for free. Live streaming enables us to share our music and thoughts as well as stay connected to our audience in real time.

  • Going through old photos

Not many people think of this as part of the creative process. Memories of the past can often bring back unexpected joys and strike up much-needed inspiration for creating new music. It also reminds us of who and what we were in different stages of our life, and how far we have managed to come. Sort of like going back to our roots and finding out what’s truly dear to our hearts.

  • Connect with friends and family you have not been in touch with for a while

The fast-paced lives that many of us lived before lockdown made it much too difficult to show gratitude and care to the people we once treasured or were very close to. Now is a great time to reconnect with them. Even a simple phone conversation with an old friend can fill us with nostalgia and contribute to the creative process.

  • Continuous education

Many websites and universities offer online classes or tutorials on the internet. Investing in yourself and your career by exploring online classes or participating in web-based workshops can help boost all facets of your professional life.

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